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COVID-19 expectedly to slow down around the world, and I would like to express again my deepest sympathy to everyone who has suffered under these extraordinary and protracted circumstances and my sincere gratitude to those working tirelessly to fight the spread of the pandemic.

While the global economy is still struggling to make for a brighter outlook, we carry out management reforms with mining contractor and heavy equipment dealerships as our core business aiming to give Solutions For Your Business and to become top 5 mining contractor company in Indonesia by 2030.  In 2022, which is positioned as the year of “Back on Growth Track” in our medium- to long-term business plan “WIN 2023 and Beyond”, we aim to achieve growth by promoting strategic long-term partnerships in both mining projects and heavy equipment solutions to clients, creating value added to the business which is one of our strengths.

This year, Pusaka Bumi Transportasi celebrates the 10th anniversary of its foundation, and it will be a year of “Growth” in which we take the first step toward shaping a new future. In line with our corporate mission “Value Creation with Long-Term Strategic Partnerships”, the year 2022 will be a major milestone in our efforts to become one of contributors to growth of mining industry in Indonesia. We will actively work on a variety of business innovations to address mining industry challenges such as the need to have reliable and cost-effective mining equipments by providing competitive heavy equipment brands to Indonesia market. At the same time, our strategic business improvement in 2022 will benefit all stakeholders with value creations driven by focus on providing best solutions for partners and clients business needs.

Bayu P.Djokosoetono
CEO and President Director
May 2022

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