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Sustainability & Growth

Our projects are assessed and executed with approach not only to create profitability but also to ensure sustainable growth to the company and all stakeholders, including our own employees. 


Value Added & Long-Term Synergy

We create value added to both partners and/or clients with long-term synergy partnerships.  Our project management ensure most efficient way of running every project, supported by our strong heavy-equipment dealerships.



Pusaka Bumi Transportasi has earnt, and will continue keeping trustworthiness from regulator, lender, partners, clients, and our employees. PT.Bukit Asam, PT.SBS, PT.BKPN,  Hilcon, etc. have been our long-term trustworthied partners and clients.


Human Capital & Technology

With increase in demand for more efficient and greener energy, Pusaka Bumi Transportasi realizes the importance of best talents and most advanced technology.

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